Wide World of Birds

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Wide World of Birds


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11 Films on the World’s Feathered Friends

Disk Count: 8
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 7 hours 20 minutes


Some of Earth’s most interesting creatures don’t live on the ground. In the sky, there is a whole other world and it’s full of birds — some exotic, some impressive and some that are just downright strange. Travel around the globe and see a Wide World of Birds in this special 8-DVD set featuring 11 films filled with our beautiful feathered friends.

Watch a kaleidoscope of some 100 species of Venezuelan birds in their natural habitats, discover a colorful eagle in Zimbabwe, visit the Iberian peninsula for some unique migratory birds, and head to Australia to see one of the world’s most unusual birds: the Southern Cassowary.

Product Features

  • 11 films on the world’s most beautiful, unusual and colorful birds
  • Get up close with one of the world’s most bizarre and deadly birds: the Southern Cassowary
  • Watch birds of prey at work during the day and at night
  • Go bird-watching on the Iberian coastline
  • Visit Venezuela for some spectacularly colorful bird



A prehistoric, six-foot creature moves stealthily through the rainforest, then one of the world’s most bizarre and deadly birds appears: the Southern Cassowary.


Wild Wings

Humans’ wish for wings is surely a wish for the wild freedom of birds, from the brown pelican skimming inches above stormy surf on its nine-foot wings to the tiny hummingbird, a miniature blur.


Venezuelan Birds – Diversity

Venezuela, a relatively small country, has more than 25 different ecosystems and boasts over 1,350 species of birds. See some 100 species of Venezuelan birds in their natural habitats.


Birds in Paradise

More than 350 species of birds inhabit the Masaguaral Ranch in Venezuela. Go there to see some bizarre and exotic birds, including the southern lapwing, the thick-knee and many more.


Water Birds

The Iberian wetlands are home to a number of endangered bird species, including the flamingo, the white-headed duck, the crested coot and the squacco heron. See these beautiful birds in their natural habitats.


Birds of Prey

The Iberian Peninsula is a refuge for a variety of birds of prey, including the gigantic lammergeier, Europe’s largest hunting bird. Plus, see tawny vultures, kestrels, harriers and more.


Migratory Birds

Colonies of sea birds from as far as Iceland stop along the Iberian coastline to rest and feed during their annual migration to Africa. See why these marshlands are a haven for bird watchers.


Nocturnal Birds of Prey

In both urban and rural regions of the Iberian Reserve, nature’s most efficient ecological exterminators exist: nocturnal birds of prey.


Birds of a Feather

Africa is home to the most abundant bird in the world, the Quelea. See how critical conditions on the savanna can cause the death, or birth, of millions of these birds in a few weeks.


Tumbler in the Sky

The bateleur eagle is known as Africa’s acrobat. But it is the shyest of birds and, although it is common, its habits have remained mostly a mystery…until now. Discover this colorful eagle!


Strictly for the Birds

There are almost 9,000 separate species of birds alive today, and each species has adapted to its own particular food source, and its own particular imperatives, from the tiny tool-using Darwin Finch to the largest ostrich.