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Home to alligators and numerous species of beautiful flowers, the Okefenokee Swamp is an eerie and unique habitat perfect for exploring.
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It is known as one of the most unspoiled, fascinating and precious natural areas in the United States. In fact, it is the largest intact and un-fragmented wetland wilderness swamp in North America.

Previously viewed on public television, and hosted by former CNN news anchor and Emmy Award-winning correspondent Sharon Collins, Georgia Outdoors’ Okefenokee takes you through what the Creeks and Seminoles called, “Land of Trembling Earth.” Hear the stories and see the pictures to understand and appreciate the beauty of this enormous swamp.
Wildlife Refuge
In Okefenokee, see how earth, air, fire and water are continuously reforming the landscape in one of the oldest and best preserved freshwater systems in the United States. Plus, see some the areas unique plant life, from the longleaf pine to the carnivorous sundew.
Natural Abundance
With more than 400,000 preserved acres in the Okefenokee, it’s no wonder there are over 400 species of animals that call it home. Get up close and personal with the swamp creatures, including alligators and some truly unique birds. Then explore the cypress forests, marshes, lakes and islands, and catch a golden sunset or a spectacular storm in this magical place!

Product Features

  • Previously viewed on public television
  • Tour the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
  • Featuring acres of forest, swamps, marsh, lakes and islands
  • See alligators, strange birds, carnivorous plants and more
  • Watch beautiful sunsets and storms