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Arizona's Monuments


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The Grand Canyon may be the most well-known destination in Arizona, but 18 other places in the state certainly give the national park a run for its money.
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See Arizona’s Monuments in this film previously enjoyed on public television: Agua Fria, Canyon de Chelly, Casa Grande Ruins, Chiricahua, Grand Canyon-Parashant, Ironwood Forest, Navajo, Montezuma Castle, Organ Pipe Cactus, Pipe Spring, Sonoran Desert, Sunset Crater Volcano, Tonto, Tuzigoot, Vermilion Cliffs, Walnut Canyon and Wupatki.

A beautiful soundtrack and interesting stories bring these spectacular landscapes, historic sites and natural wonders to life. See some of the most spectacular desert on the planet, including Agua Fria’s rich prehistoric sites, the sheer red cliffs of Canyon de Chelly, the ragged mountains and 800-year-old forests of Ironwood, the unusual rock formations of Chiricahua, the revealing buttes and vistas of Grand Canyon-Parashant, the rare collection of plants in Organ Pipe Cactus, the magnificent cinder cone in Sunset Crater Volcano, the majestic Vermilion Cliffs, and the vast and colorful Sonoran Desert.

People lived in Arizona’s harsh environment even thousands of years ago. See how giant rock coves and contours provided shelter at Navajo National Monument and Walnut Canyon. And explore what remains of ancient cliff dwellings and villages at Tonto, Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot, plus explore the spectacular structures of some early scientists at Casa Grande Ruins, and see how a relatively “new” community lived at Pipe Spring.

Product Features

  • Visit what remains of ancient civilizations at Navajo, Walnut Canyon, Tonto, Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot and Casa Grande Ruins national monuments
  • See how a relatively “new” community lived at Pipe Spring in the late 1800’s
  • Explore desert landscapes in Canyon de Chelly, Ironwood, Chiricahua, Grand Canyon-Parashant, Organ Pipe Cactus, Sunset Crater Volcano, Vermilion Cliffs and Sonoran Desert
  • Filmed in high definition; includes a moving soundtrack and unobtrusive narration • Spectacular aerial and detailed views of desert canyons, ancient ruins, wildlife and more!
  • Explore the landscapes, the stories, the civilizations and beauty of Arizona