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The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross - New Look!


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Learn to paint 20 beautiful scenes with Bob Ross in this exclusive The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross collection featuring mountains, lakes, waterfalls, barns and seascapes. You’ll be whipping up “happy little trees” in no time! Watch the lessons whenever you want, as many times as you need, or just enjoy Bob’s gentle manner and encouraging words as you unwind from the day.
Disk Count: 10
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 10 hours


Product Features:

  • 20 lessons, 10 hours -- watch the lessons as many times as you need or want
  • Seen on public television by millions since 1982
  • Create 20 special paintings: 4 mountain scenes, 4 waterfall scenes, 4 barn scenes and 4 seascapes
  • Relax with Bob Ross’s positive words and soothing manner, and create beautiful artwork for your home or to give as gifts!
  • Even if you’ve never painted before, you will be able to with Bob Ross’s simple painting style

Step-by-Step Lessons from America’s Favorite Painter Bob Ross

Here's a simplified sample of some instructions:


Paint the sky with criss-cross strokes, and add the water using long horizontal strokes. Blend the entire canvas. Paint the clouds, then use sweeping upward strokes to lightly “fluff” them.


Shape just the top edge of the mountain, then “pull” the paint down toward the base. Add snow to the right sides of the peaks. Snow on the shadowed sides is made with white and blue.


Make the evergreens with a fan brush. Hold it vertically to create the center line of the tree, then use one corner for the top branches. Make the branches larger as you near the base.


Reverse the fan brush to reflect the dark tree color in the water. Underpaint the large foreground evergreens with the fan brush. A mixture of brown and white makes the tree trunks.


Scratch small sticks and twigs into your painting for a realistic effect. Then it’s time to sign your painting! After your painting dries completely, frame it and hang it up, or gift it to a friend! Learn to Paint 20 Happy Scenes of Mountains, Lakes, Barns, Waterfalls, and Seascapes from TV’s Most Beloved Artist! MOUNTAINS Mountain Reflections Pretty Autumn Day Frozen Solitude Autumn Fantasy



Autumn Woods

Twilight Beauty

Winter Frost

Gray Mountain


Spectacular Waterfall

Enchanted Falls

Oval Falls in the Glen

Splashes of Autumn


Barn at Sunset

Old Weathered Barn

Oval Barn

Home in the Valley


By the Sea

Surf’s Up

Pastel Seascape

Evening Seascape

The Joy of Painting’s Bob Ross

Bob Ross, the soft-spoken artist and the host of the popular public television show Joy of Painting, is credited with teaching millions of people worldwide how to paint using a household paintbrush and his unique Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique®. Bob passed away in 1995, but the show continues to draw fans who are soothed by his quiet, nurturing disposition, respect for nature and his art teachings. Nearly 3,000 traveling certified Bob Ross instructors continue to teach his simple way of learning to paint across the United States, but now you can learn directly from Bob Ross himself with this 10-DVD collection The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Even if you have never painted before, you will now be able to after a few short lessons. As Bob would say, “All you need is the desire to make beautiful things happen on canvas.”

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