Play Piano in a FLASH! - 1-on-1 Series

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Play Piano in a FLASH! - 1-on-1 Series


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Have you always wanted to play piano, but found regular lessons too intimidating? In this exclusive box set--the companion to original Learn to Play: Piano in a FLASH!--you’ll learn Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston’s simple method to get you playing piano like a pro fast, and then learn 10 popular songs! Scott Houston, the pianist, author and multiple Emmy Award-winning host of the public television series, The Piano Guy, has taught millions of people to play the piano with his popular public television program. Now, it’s your turn!
Disk Count: 11
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 22 hours


Product Features:

  • 22+ hours of easy-to-follow instruction by Scott Houston
  • Also includes an overview of Scott Houston’s Play Piano in a FLASH! Method
  • Learn to play 10 non-classical songs you love to listen to
  • Includes lead sheets to print and use during lessons
  • Saves thousands of dollars on lessons 
  • Includes audio tracks so you can play with accompaniment
  • Learn to make your playing sound more professional
  • Learn to read lead sheets with the absolute minimum of note reading
  • Quickly learn chords and melodies
  • Tips and tricks to help you put your own spin on each tune
  • Includes a six-month money-back guarantee

10 Popular Songs!

  • Don't Know Why
  • 100 Years
  • Stardust
  • Amazing Grace
  • Autumn Leaves
  • In a Sentimental Mood
  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco
  • Kansas City
  • Jingle Bells
  • Silent Night


Learn to play the following songs using Scott Houston’s popular 1-on-1 Series. Each lesson includes direct video instruction from Scott, plus lead sheets and more! Working step by step, chapter by chapter, Scott will teach you what you need to know be able to proudly sit down and play it like a pro! Watch his hands on the piano while following the highlighted measures on the lead sheet to really gain an understanding of what's being taught at all times. Each lesson includes: • Direct step-by-step video instruction by Scott Houston

  • Printable lead sheets to use during your lesson
  • Audio tracks so you can play along with professional musicians

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Learn how to play this song, which was written in the fall of 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, by George Cory and Douglass Cross and is best known as the signature song of Tony Bennett.

  • Basic melody and chord instruction
  • Adding advanced chords and melodies
  • Playing with accompaniment
  • Putting it together like a pro


Composed in 1927 by Hoagy Carmichael, but lyrics weren’t added until 1929 by Mitchell Parish. The original 1927 recording of the song was added to the National Recording Registry in 2004. 

  • Melody and chords
  • More advanced chords
  • How to embellish the melody line
  • Adding strides to left-hand chords

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves was originally a 1945 French song Les feuilles mortes (literally “the dead leaves”) that became popular after the 1946 film Les Portes de la Nuit. American songwriter Johnny Mercer wrote the English lyrics in 1947.

  • Basic and advanced melody and chords
  • Ballad ideas you can use
  • Tips and tricks for sounding like a pro
  • Alternate intros and endings
  • Play at different speeds

In a Sentimental Mood

Duke Ellington composed In a Sentimental Mood in 1935 and recorded it with his orchestra the same year. The lyrics were later written by Manny Kurtz.

  • Basic and advanced melody and chords
  • How to play accompaniment style
  • Splitting chords between hands
  • Tips and tricks for making the song your own

Don't Know Why

Grammy Award-winner Jesse Harris wrote Don’t Know Why in 1999, but it became popular after singer-songwriter Norah Jones released it as the second single on her breakthrough album Come Away With Me.

  • Basic and advanced chords and melody
  • How to spice up the melody
  • How to play accompaniment style
  • Arrangement ideas you can use
  • How to make your chords more interesting

100 Years

100 Years was written and recorded by American singer-songwriter John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, and was released in November 2003 in the album The Battle for Everything.

  • Learning the signature lick
  • How to break things up to learn more easily
  • Specific instructions for right and left hands

Amazing Grace

English poet and clergyman John Newton wrote the lyrics to Amazing Grace based on personal experiences. He published the song in 1779.

  • Basic melody and chords
  • Voicings and advanced chords
  • Tips and tricks to add your own style
  • Alternate intros and endings

Kansas City

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote this R&B song in 1952. First recorded by Little Willie Littlefield the same year, the song later became a No. 1 hit when it was recorded by Wilbert Harrison in 1959.

  • Basic melody and chords
  • Advanced chords and patterns
  • Blues changes to try
  • Tips and tricks to add your own style
  • How to improvise
  • Alternate intros and endings

Jingle Bells

Did you know this classic Christmas song was originally written to be sung during Thanksgiving? Whatever time of year you choose to play it, you’re sure to attract carolers around the piano!

  • Basic and advanced melody and chords
  • How to use voicings
  • Learn to play in different styles
  • Play with accompaniment

Silent Night

In 1816, a pastor wrote a six-stanza poem on Christmas Eve and gave it to Franz Xaver Gruber, an organist at the church, who wrote the music to accompany it using a guitar because the church organ was broken!

  • Basic and advanced chords and melody
  • How to spice up your playing
  • Play with accompaniment
  • How to change the tempo


Seen and used by millions on public television, Play Piano in a Flash will help you learn how to play the songs you want to play and have fun doing it! Learn why traditional piano lessons don’t work for many people, and find out why Scott Houston’s approach (the same one used by many professional players) is different…and a whole lot easier to learn! This lesson includes:

  • How Scott Houston’s teaching method works
  • Playing sheet music using the absolute minimum of note reading
  • How to use chords to make playing easier 
  • Learn to make each song your own

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