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  • Learn to Play Electric Guitar New Set 3D Box Cover Image

Learn to Play: Electric Guitar - New Lessons!


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Learn to Play: Electric Guitar features 104 new interactive lessons and is the best set to help you get started on your dream of playing the electric guitar! You get more than 20 hours of virtual lessons on 12 DVDs from professional guitarists and guitar instructors, plus print out sheet music and lesson materials, play along with audio backing tracks and more!

Disk Count: 12
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 20 hours and 20 minutes


Product Features:

  • 104 interactive electric guitar lessons
  • Includes sheet music and lesson materials to print and use during lessons, plus backing tracks and more
  • 20+ hours of easy-to-follow instruction—you’ll save thousands of dollars with these video lessons!
  • Learn beginner-advanced electric guitar techniques, guitar theory, tips and advice, the best ways to practice, how to add individuality to your playing and lots more!
  • Learn to play electric guitar or get your money back with the six-month money-back guarantee

Is there a guitarist inside you just dying to come out?

Release your creativity with the new virtual lessons in Learn to Play: Electric Guitar! First, you will learn the basics—from the parts of the guitar to your first chord—and then progress to more advanced lessons, including how to play along with backing tracks. All the lessons are taught by accomplished professional guitar musicians and teachers! Learn to play the electric guitar—guaranteed!


Get playing the electric guitar fast with over 65 lessons taught by talented musician Lisa Pursell, who has 39 years of teaching and guitar experience. You will begin with the absolute basics, then build a solid foundation for your guitar-playing skills. Here are some things you will learn:

  • The parts of the electric guitar and how to hold it
  • How to tune a guitar and right-hand position
  •  Open chords and how to play them in detail
  • Chord shapes and bass runs
  • Blues, Jazz and the “Classic Hendrix” chords
  • The simple way to develop a solo


David Walliman—a musician and instructor with 22 years of experience—will cover theory, including intervals, scales and modes, and will then help you master the art of improvisation. Here are some things you will learn:

  • The concept of intervals
  • The minor pentatonic scale and its formula
  • The major pentatonic scale and all five patterns
  • How to use the major and minor pentatonic scales
  • Both the minor and major blues scales 
  • How to play along with a backing track


Allen “Robot” Van Wert, an instructor with 34 years of experience, has recorded guitar for video game soundtracks, as well as for movie trailers and TV commercials. In this series, he teaches his approach to developing the techniques necessary for fast playing on the electric guitar. Here are some things you will learn:

  • Essential right-hand picking techniques
  • Tips for picking more efficiently
  • The 24 rudiments crucial to developing finger dexterity
  • How to build endurance for left-hand playing
  • A fundamental picking exercise for all the techniques
  • Exercises for learning to synchronize your hands


Chris Liepe, with 19 years of electric guitar experience, has been a producer, recording engineer, studio musician and writer. In this series, he will teach you different ways to create new forms of chord. Here are some things you will learn:

  • How to expand on basic chords you’ve learned 
  • Ideas for creatively enhancing your guitar playing
  • Ways to embellish your playing
  • Tons of chord options and ideas 
  • How to alter a chord


Chris Liepe brings you six lessons to help you finally commit all the notes of the guitar neck to memory. In his nearly 20 years of playing the guitar, he has worked with artists, such as Landon Pigg, Jars of Clay and Mercy Me. Here are some things you will learn: 

  • A simple way to learn notes on the neck
  • What octave relationships are
  • 6th string octave relationships
  • Octave relationships are based on the 5th string
  • How the 5th interval can help you find notes on the fretboard 
  • 1st and 2nd strings octave relationships 
  • How to find notes using strings 1, 2, and 3
  • Easy ways to practice more efficiently