Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

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Learn to Play: Acoustic Guitar


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Learn guitar theory, beginner chords, stringing, strumming and much, much more in the Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar 12-DVD set!

Disk Count: 12
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 20 hours


Ever dream about learning to play the guitar? Well, stop dreaming and start playing! Get more than 70 fun, interactive and easy lessons, including lessons on theory, chords, tuning, how to string your guitar, strumming, scales and much more, in Learn to Play: Acoustic Guitar. This exclusive set will teach you what you need to know to get you playing immediately!

Instructors Orville Johnson, Jessica Baron, Trace Bundy and Nick Amodeo have 140 years of combined guitar experience—they will have you playing and sounding like a pro in no time with their proven teaching styles in this exclusive 12-DVD set. Instructors teach using short filmed segments on theory, strumming and even composing your own music! Short sessions make learning the guitar easy, and allow the students to choose when they want to learn and how quickly. Considering the average length of an in-studio guitar lesson – one hour – this boxed set could potentially be worth over 5 months of instruction! Spend a few weekends learning or extend the lessons even longer – whatever works best for you!

Lessons include:

Guitar Stringing – Strumming – All About Chords – Simple D – Two Finger C Major – ¾ Time – A Minor – Standard Tuning – Composing – Practical Guitar Theory – G Major – Alternating Bass Technique – Walking Bass Lines – Piedmont Style – Chord Substitutions – Harmonics – Percussion – E Minor Chord – Short Cut Capo – Looping – Combining Techniques – Singing In Tune – Bluegrass Ornaments – Crosspicking Techniques – Scale Exercises – Bluegrass Chords – Rhythm – Tuning To Open G – Ear Training – Simple C – Two-Handed Tapping – A Major

Product Features:

  • 75 easy-to-follow lessons on film; printable lesson materials and music are included to accompany sessions
  • 140+ years of combined guitar experience from instructor
  • Approx. 20 hours of instruction on chords, technique, guitar theory and more—save thousands on music lessons
  • Instructors have played with well-known guitarists, including Buddy Guy, Chuck Campbell, Nick Forster and more
  • Includes a 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Free trial offer for additional online guitar lessons included!