Wings for Maggie Ray

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Wings for Maggie Ray


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They said women didn’t belong in the cockpit. But Margaret “Maggie” Ringenberg aimed for the sky anyway becoming a U.S. Army Air Force WASP and an accomplished long-distance aviation racer. A story so inspiring, Tom Brokaw dedicated an entire chapter in his book, The Greatest Generation, to her.

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Maggie lived her life without limits. Wings for Maggie Ray covers her numerous aviation adventures during World War II, including her stint with the Civil Air Patrol, her rigorous training on aircraft—from a B-24 bomber to a P47 Thunderbolt to a P51 Mustang—and her challenging and dangerous job of ferrying personnel and supplies and test-flying new planes. Re-enactments, archival photos and film, and insightful interviews from those closest to her shed light on Maggie’s fearlessness, confidence, competitive nature, drive and determination. Maggie’s story reminds us all to aim high in our lives!

Product Features:

• A truly inspirational true story that will remind you to aim high in your life!

• Learn all about Ringenberg’s aviation adventures during WWII

• Watch as Ringenberg trains on aircraft—from a B-24 bomber to a P47 Thunderbolt and in a P51 Mustang!

• The film also includes re-enactments, lots of archival photos and footage, and some special interviews from those closest to Maggie

• Watch as Maggie Ringenberg is inducted into the Women in Aviation Hall of Fame