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Weapons of War


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“Envisioning future battlefields and technologies, American engineers have produced weapons of war for land, sea, and air unsurpassed in accuracy and strength. This selection of historic documentary films from the vaults of the National Archives captures the stories behind the firepower and, in images and sounds, brings to life the field of battle.”
-Marcia Kolko, Archives Specialist, Motion Picture, Sound & Video Office, National Archives and Records Administration

Disk Count: 10
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 15 hours


14 Exciting Films on Naval Weaponry

From antisubmarine warfare weapons to sea mines, and even weapons of sail-driven ships, see the history of how naval weaponry developed. Spend some time on the Battleship USS Missouri and the Fighting Lady, learn how the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team located and disarmed bombs and hear the story of the Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine.

5 Incredible Films on Heavy Armor

See tanks being used in World War II and Korea, and how heavy armor developed over time. Find out about the U.S. Army’s most technologically advanced combat division in the 1960’s, and find out how the Blackhorse squadron moved its heavy vehicles off the road and into the jungle during the Vietnam War.

Projectile Weapons in 6 Revealing Films

See how Army engineers and technicians have worked to perfect the guided missile. Then, learn what was so successful about the Nike Hercules System and see the start of laser technology. Finally, watch the aftermath of World War II in the Pacific, including the devastating atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

11 Informative Films on Air Power

Combining planes and firepower may have been the most important war advancement ever. Learn about early attack helicopters and watch real bombing raids over enemy targets in World War II, including Memphis Belle’s final mission over Germany. Plus, get an amazing look at Thunderbolts in action, and see how A-20s and B-25s held up against Japanese air forces.

Color and B&W films.

This program is not rated. Contains scenes and language not suitable for all viewers.

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