At War with the Nazis

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At War with the Nazis


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Over 8 hours of World War II films illustrate the fight against the Nazis in this special 8-DVD collection. Witness Adolf Hitler's manipulation of an entire country, and see how the Allies planned to stop him.

Disk Count: 8
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 8 hours and 30 minutes


The thought of what humans can do to each other at war is difficult, but to see it is unbelievable. Unimaginable. Of course, our first instinct may be to try to forget what happened during World War II. But we know ignoring the past is a mistake. Society must learn from itself to keep these things from happening again. 

You will see the results of this horrific war with actual footage inside Nazi concentration camps. Then you will learn what led up to Nazi Germany’s despicable crimes. How did someone like Hitler rise to be in power? How in the world did he get an entire nation of people to follow through on his despicible plans? At last, you will see how Allied forces were able to join together to finally put a stop to the atrocities happening all across Europe.

In this special 8-DVD collection, see real film of Adolf Hitler and Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Italians Fascists on parade, chilling Nazi rallies, the Nuremberg trials, bombing raids on Germany, a moving speech by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in Garson Kanin's Academy Award-winning film The True Glory, and much more.

NOT RATED: Contains scenes and language not suitable for all viewers.

Product Features:

• 10 startling WWII films that illustrate the horrors of the war

• WWII DVD collection includes the OSCAR-winning film The True Glory, and Frank Capra's OSCAR-nominated documentary Prelude to War narrated by actor Walter Huston

• Over 8 hours of WWII films that explore fighting against Nazi Germany

• Watch the Nuremberg trials told almost entirely without any editorial comment

• Films explore the beginning of German aggression and Hitler’s rise to power