A Century of War

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Century of War


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With more than 87 films from the United States National Archives, you can see America at war through the eyes of the people who were actually there.

Disk Count: 24
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 40 hours


This special 24-DVD set includes recently released and rarely seen films of the attack on Pearl Harbor, theNurembergtrials and more. Witness World War I and II, the Korean, Vietnam and the Cold wars as they really happened, from historical newsreel footage to documentaries, shot and narrated by top Hollywood enlistees, including John Huston, John Ford, Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan.

Since 1935, the National Archives has been responsible for the acquisition, preservation and public dissemination of the permanent records of theUnited Statesgovernment. This boxed set contains unedited footage culled from the millions of pieces that make up the National Archives’ popular holdings.

Newly released by the National Archives:

  • Actual footage from the Nuremberg Trials
  • The Oscar-winning extended version of John Ford’s film, December 7th
  • Let There Be Light, a lost masterpiece from John Huston
  • Four films on Generals MacArthur, Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton



Nuremberg (1946)

TheNurembergtrials told almost entirely without any editorial comment.



Let There Be Light (1946)

A lost masterpiece by director John Huston, hailed as one of the greatest war films ever.



December 7th: Short Version (1943)

John Ford’s Academy Award-winning film on the Dec. 7, 1941, attack onPearl Harbor.


December 7th: Long Version (1943)

The rare extended version of the Oscar-winning film by legendary filmmaker John Ford.



General MacArthur (1963)

WWII action in the Pacific, the post-war era inJapanand the early days inKorea.


General Eisenhower (1963)

Eisenhower’s life before he was president. Oscar-nominee Raymond Massey narrates.


General Bradley 

A pictorial history on the man who helped win the war and pushed for world peace.


General Patton 

Rarely seen combat sequences and intimate life details. Narrated by Ronald Reagan.




The Korea Story (1953)

See what happened inKoreabetween WWII and the start of the Korean conflict.


The Crime of Korea  (1950)

Rare footage of a report onKoreaafter its liberation fromJapanand more.


The U.N. Aids Republic of Korea in the Fight Against Aggression (1950)

A rarely seen documentary report on the United Nation’s preservation ofSouth Korea.


One Year in Korea (1951)

A report on the war’s first year with rare footage ofU.S.forces, MacArthur and more.


U.N. Offensive: Combat Offensive in Korea - Recapture of Seoul and Capture of Pyongyang - September 20-October 20, 1952 (1952)

Includes actual footage of the U.S. troops engaging in street fighting in Seoul.


U.N. Forces Cross the 38th Parallel (1951)

Rare footage of troops in “Operation Tomahawk,” Eisenhower and combat.



Christmas in Korea (1953)

Heart-wrenching interviews withU.S.soldiers inKoreaduring the holidays.


The 24th Infantry Division in Korea (1954)

A rare film on the history of the 24th Division, including intense battle footage.


The 2nd Infantry Division in Korea (1954)

The “Indianhead Division’s” vital role, rare footage of soldiers and battle scenes.



Operation Inchon (1951)

A documentary about the U.N. Forces inKoreaand the amphibious Invasion of Inchon.


A Motion Picture History of the Korean War (1953)

Post-warSouth Koreawith the history of the communist advance across the 38th parallel.



The Marines in Korea (1953)

A documentary on the changes in weaponry between WWII andKorea, plus more.


This is Korea (1954)

Director John Ford’s documentary featuring rare color film of air and ground combat.




The Yanks are Coming (1935)

A compilation film showing a capsule history ofAmerica’s involvement in WWI.


Patriotic Activities (1918)

A silent film featuring women war workers, high school boys training for war and more.


The Air Force Story: World War I (1953)

The history of the United States Air Force and the role of airplanes in WWI.


Whispering Wires of War (1918)

A silent film on the military use of telephones and radios, and how orders are relayed.


Battle of the North Sea (1918)

An animated silent film on the battle ofJutland, plus the sinking of the Hindenburg.


The AEF in Siberia (1963)

The Allied Expeditionary Force intervention inRussiaduring a time of revolution. 


DVD 10

Woodrow Wilson: Spokesman for Tomorrow (1956)

Newsreel clips, reproductions of documents and cartoons on Woodrow Wilson.


The Battle of the Somme (1917)

A silent film showing graphic scenes of trench warfare as the British defeat the Germans. 


World War I Aircraft (1973)

A brief history of the Army Air Service, plus the manufacture of war planes and training.


DVD 11

Some Bonds I Have Known (1917, 1942)

Skits by Charlie Chaplin dramatizing the bonds of friendship, love, marriage and victory. 


Training of Colored Troops (1918)

This silent film follows a black soldier from his letter of induction to his arrival overseas. 


Universal Current Events (1917)

A silent theatrical newsreel showing Red Cross work in the war and more.


Meuse-Argonne Offensive (1936)

A silent film with dramatic footage of a battlefield under an artillery barrage.


Gas Alarm (1918)

Silent footage of an anti-gas drill, including clearing trenches with Ayerton fans.


His Best Gift (1918)

A silent romantic drama that persuades soldiers to buy life insurance. 


The Story of General John J. Pershing 

A biography on the general narrated by Bucky Kozlow, introduced by Walter Matthau.


DVD 12

Allied Offensive, July 1918 (1918)

Silent film ofU.S.aircraft downing a German plane, plus a vaudeville show and more.


Pershing’s Crusaders (1919)

A silent propaganda film featuring a capsule history of WWI.


The Jambon Theatrical Players of the AEF (1918)

A silent film featuring performances at base hospitals.


World War I Overseas Fliers Reunion (1962)

A color film on the exploits ofAmerica’s first fighter pilots as they hold a reunion.


The League of Nations at Work (1937)

A documentary tracing the history of theLeague of Nationsfrom its birth to its successes.


Run time: approx. 90 minutes



DVD 13

A Nation Builds Under Fire (1966)

The social revolution ofSouth Vietnam, narrated by John Wayne.


To Save a Soldier (1966)

Henry Fonda narrates this documentary about what it takes to rescue a wounded soldier.


Report on Marine Activities (1966)

Footage of the U.S. Marine Corps in action, featuring recovery efforts and combat.


Another Day of War (1967)

Extraordinary film of the U.S. Air Force, including air and ground warfare, and rescues.


DVD 14

River Patrol (1967)

A Navy Mobile Riverine Force patrols the Mekong Delta and battles with the Viet Cong.


Vietnam Crucible (1968)

War behind the scenes and on the front lines, from training to operations and action.


USAF Combat Photography – Southeast Asia (1968)

The 600th Photo Squadron jumps into combat zones, risking their lives to film the war.


Where the Girls Are (1969)

An airman suffers when he doesn’t heed the precautions of the Department of Defense.


DVD 15

The Battle of Khe Sanh

A film recounting Khe Sanh, often considered the most important battle of the war.


The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (1969)

Watch the Blackhorse squadron move their massive vehicles from the road into the trees.


The 4th Infantry Division (1969)

The most technologically advanced combat division in the battle of Dak and more.


The Faces of Rescue (1971)

A pilot recounts his experience of being rescued by the Jolly Green Giant helicopter.


DVD 16

The 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam (1971)

The “Big Red One” participating in ambushes, the Tet Offensive and Dong Tien.


The Drill Sergeant (1971)

A drill sergeant instructs, shapes and molds new recruits and draftees into soldiers.


Vietnam, Vietnam (1971)

A controversial documentary on the history ofVietnam, narrated by Charlton Heston.


History of the Air Force – Vietnam and After (1977)

The culmination of a controversial war. The troops return home and aid in disaster relief.



DVD 17

Target for Tonight (1941)

Footage of the actual planning and execution of a bombing raid onGermany.


San Pietro (aka The Battle of San Pietro) (1945)

John Huston’s controversial short on the human price paid for troop advancement.




DVD 18

D-Day (1944)

The run-up to the Allied invasion ofNormandy, including Eisenhower strategizing.


Surrender in the Pacific (1945)

Events in the aftermath of war, and the atomic destruction ofHiroshimaandNagasaki.


Invasion of Poland by the German Army (1943)

Footage shot by German troops and confiscated by Allied forces of an attack inWarsaw.


Fury in the Pacific (1945)

The invasion ofPeleliuIslandand the jointU.S.forces capturing Bloody Nose Ridge.


The Battle for the Marianas (1944)

United States Army, Navy and Marines join forces to wrest control of the Pacific islands.



DVD 19

The Memphis Belle (1944)

Director William Wyler’s tautly effective documentary of the celebrated flying fortress.


Army Air Forces: Pacific (1944)

AAF missions to Okinawa andIwo Jima, featuring Gen. MacArthur and Ernie Pyle.


The Fleet that Came to Stay (1945)

Footage ofU.S.and British naval forces fending off Japanese Kamikaze air attacks.


Air War in Europe (1943)

Bombings over Nazi-occupied territory. Includes film on board Thunderbolt aircrafts.


The Fight for the Sky (1945)

Footage includes Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, air combat and a tribute to fliers killed in action.



DVD 20

The Battle of Midway (1942)

John Ford was seriously wounded during the filming of this Oscar-winning documentary.


Thunderbolt (1945)

A point-of-view film of a P-47 raid narrated by James Stewart and Lloyd Bridges.


The Memphis Belle (1944)

Director William Wyler’s tautly effective documentary of the celebrated flying fortress.


With the Marines at Tarawa (1944)

An exciting short film highlighting an amphibious landing by the Marines.


Challenge for Democracy (1943)

An examination of the living conditions at Japanese-American relocation centers.



DVD 21

Communist Blueprint for Conquest (1956)

The methods and techniques used by the communists to seize power in a country.


The Berlin Wall (1962)

The history of the Berlin Wall, why it was built and it how it affects Berliners.


A Day Called X (1957)

An entire city evacuates in anticipation of a nuclear air raid. Narrated by Glenn Ford.


DVD 22

The Red Nightmare (1962)

A propaganda film about a small-town American who takes his civil liberties for granted.


The Road to the Wall (1962)

An Oscar-nominated film on the rise of communism. Narrated by James Cagney.


Duck and Cover (1957)

Bert the Turtle tells children to duck and cover in the case of an atomic attack.


Our Cities Must Fight (1951) 

An attempt to convince Americans to stay home and fight in the event of nuclear war.


DVD 23

The Communist Weapon of Allure (1956)

A film on the methods used by the communists to indoctrinate and gain converts.


Operation Abolition (1960)

The government seeks to stamp out Communist conspiracy in this 1960 courtroom battle.


One Week in October (1964)

The 1962 Cuban missile crisis featuring actual American aircraft reconnaissance footage.


DVD 24

Checkpoint Charlie – U.S. Army in Berlin (1961)

The Big Picture television series presents a report onBerlinin the critical summer of ’61.


Atomic Attack (1950) 

A dramatization of a nuclear bomb dropped in NYC featuring Walter Matthau.