The California Gold Rush

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  • The California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush


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Why would anyone keep the discovery of gold a secret? Find out in The California Gold Rush, narrated by the Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actor John Lithgow.
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It couldn’t be kept a secret for long, and soon northern California was crawling with miners and the entrepreneurs who were hoping to make a buck off of them. Bold adventurers came from around the world, leaving their farms, families, shops or posts behind to stuff their pockets with the American Dream in the great frontier. See rare photos, hear excerpts from actual letters and watch stunning footage in this award-winning film, previously viewed on public television. Did you know the California Gold Rush was a global event? How did it change the nation? And, what happened when the gold ran out?

Product Features

  • Narrated by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor John Lithgow
  • Previously viewed on public television
  • From a 4-time Emmy-winning producer
  • Features frontier women, winners and losers, the birth of San Francisco, and more