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British Aircraft of WWII 4-Disc Set


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4 Intriguing Films on the RAF’s Most Celebrated World War II Aircraft

Four films explore the significance of three of World War II’s most celebrated aircraft: the Hawker Hurricane, the Avro Lancaster and the Supermarine Spitfire. See how these films helped the Allies overcome Hitler’s evil conquest.

Disk Count: 4
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 5 hours


Product Features:

  • Get a taste of what it was like to fly a Hawker Hurricane in WWII
  • Hear from pilots who flew the Supermarine Spitfire during war
  • Watch exclusive interviews with surviving Lancaster aircrew
  • A three-part film explores how these aircraft helped win the Battle of Britain 
  • 5 hours of fascinating aviation history


Lancaster at War: The “Lanc,” as it was affectionately known, became one of the most famous and successful of the World War II night bombers. See the Lanc’s involvement in some of the most controversial bombings. Then, hear exclusive interviews with surviving Lancaster aircrew.

Hawker Hurricane: The 1942 Mark XII Hawker Hurricane was one of the most versatile fighters in the Royal Air Force’s fleet during World War II. Sit in the cockpit for some stomach-wrenching aerobatic maneuvers and experience what it would have been like for Battle of Britain pilots in the heat of a dogfight!

Spitfire: The Birth of a Legend: Hear how this legendary aircraft, conceived from a radical design, became a symbol of Britain’s determination during World War II. Dramatic archive and color footage of the Spitfire in combat help illustrate the story as do interviews with the pilots.

Battle of Britain: A three-part film: In The Few, examine the build-up to and the beginning of the Battle of Britain. The Darkest Hour shows how the RAF and the Luftwaffe each succeeded or failed in separate attacks until the Germans made a mistake. In The Blitz, see how Hitler decided to move the bombing strategy away from the airfields and to civilian London, a choice that would ultimately end in a loss for Germany.

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