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NASA Collection


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Narrow escapes, unknown places, shocking stories: Americans go to space in this special 10-DVD collector’s set! Hear from actual astronauts, and watch 31 films on the Friendship 7, the Gemini, the Apollo, the space shuttle, the moon, space experiments and more. Includes narration by legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner!
Disk Count: 10
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 15 hours and 20 minutes


Product Features: 

  • 10 DVDs in a collector’s-grade quality and beautifully designed boxed set—a perfect storage solution
  • Over 15 hours of space films, documentaries and footage
  • Films on the Freedom 7, Friendship 7, Gemini, space shuttles, Apollo, the moon & more!
  • Introductions by astronauts Alan Shepard, Wally Schirra, Rusty Schweickart, Rick Hauck, Bob Overmyer, Walt Cunningham, Pete Conrad, Charlie Duke
  • Includes narration by Orson Welles, William Shatner and Isaac Asimov

Space shuttles, astronauts, Orson Welles oh my!

Watch 31 films on America’s history of space exploration in the NASA Collection. The 10-DVD set includes special introductions by astronauts including Alan Shepard, Wally Schirra, Rusty Schweickart, Rick Hauck, Bob Overmyer, Walt Cunningham, Pete Conrad and Charlie Duke. Narration by the legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner is also included. This special NASA set covers everything from the original story of America’s first manned space flight to the space shuttle and the X-15 rocket plane. Relive the first manned space flight, the Apollo/Soyuz mission, zero gravity experiments, moon walking and more. Plus, watch “Who’s Out There,” hosted by Orson Welles and “The Universe,” narrated by Shatner.


With introductions by astronauts Alan Shepard, Wally Schirra, Rusty Schweickart, Rick Hauck, Bob Overmyer, Walt Cunningham, Pete Conrad, Charlie Duke! Featuring John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Orson Welles, Isaac Asimov

Freedom 7: The original story of America’s first manned space flight.

The World was There: A film on the Mercury era, and seven astronauts that would become heroes to a nation.

Four Days of Gemini Four: America’s first spacewalk happened during the four days of Gemini 4.

Gemini 8, this is Houston Flight: Watch the narrow escape aboard the Gemini 8.

The Legacy of Gemini: A film on the Gemini project, which included some major scientific accomplishments that paved the way for Apollo.

The Eagle has Landed: Relive the day that one billion people watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon!

Houston We’ve Got a Problem: These shocking words came down from Apollo 13. Watch and see how ingenuity saved the day.

In the Mountains of the Moon: The Apollo 15 mission included the standup spacewalk, the lunar rover, the launching of a subsatellite and more.

Nothing So Hidden: A film showing astronauts exploring the moon by foot and via the lunar rover, including the Descartes crater.

On the Shoulders of Giants: The Apollo era ends with a final mission to the moon in December 1972.

Mission Apollo/Soyuz: Two spaceships leave different ends of the Earth to meet 140 miles above Portugal.

The Time of Apollo: The story of the Apollo era, the program that would pave the way for the space shuttle.

Skylab, the First 40 Days: A film about the unmanned launch of Skylab 1, its problems and how they were fixed.

Skylab, the Seconded Manned Mission: Skylab 2 turned into a repair mission making way for Skylab 3’s exciting scientific discoveries.

Four Rooms Earth View: An orbiting laboratory experiments in zero gravity and makes solar observations in this film.

Who’s Out There: Orson Welles hosts this award-winning production that will make you think.

New Look at Old Moon: Watch this video and learn about the great eras of lunar history, as you get a new look at the old moon.

Space Shuttles: No spacecraft has ever taken its maiden voyage with astronauts aboard, but this was no ordinary mission.

Opening New Frontiers: A documentary on the orbital flight test program.

We Deliver: See the first woman in space, the first African-American astronaut, and the first spacewalk in nine years using a new spacesuit design and portable life support pack.

Toys in Space: The Columbia crew conduct medical experiments and experience weightlessness.

Houston, We’ve Got a Satellite: The space shuttle crew on a mission to rescue the giant Intelsat satellite.

The Universe: An award-winning production on the universe, religion, philosophy and alien life. Narrated by William Shatner.

Bonus! Astro Smiles, Laughs in Spaces: A light-hearted look at weightlessness filmed aboard the space shuttle.

Films approx. 30 min.


Astronauts: The training of the original seven astronauts for Project Mercury: Donald Slayton, John Glenn, Alan Shepard, Walter Schirra, Virgil Grissom, Leroy Gordon Cooper and M. Scott Carpenter. Approx. 25 min.

Friendship 7: John Glenn’s first manned flight, and the background on Project Mercury. Approx. 60 min.

Bioastronautics Research: Weightless cats are just one of the bioastronautics tests done in the late 1950’s. Approx. 15 min.

Assignment: Shoot the Moon: Exploration of the moon using Ranger, Surveyor and Lunar Orbiter to pave the way for Apollo. Approx. 25 min.

Small Steps: Giant Strides Giant Strides: 1973: Isaac Asimov recounts years of advancements that include the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions, and more. Approx. 30 min.

Space Shuttle Columbia: The Second Flight: The second flight launched November 12, 1981, and was unprecedented. It was the world’s first reusable spacecraft! Approx. 30 min.

X-15: Watch the dangerous testing of the X-15 rocket in 1960 in this color film of its successes and failures. Featuring Neil Armstrong! Approx. 15 min.

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