The Bush Pilots: Denali Flyers

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  • The Bush Pilots: Denali Flyers


The Bush Pilots: Denali Flyers


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At 20,300 feet above sea level, Denali — or Mount McKinley — is the tallest mountain in North America and a highly coveted summit by climbers from around the world.
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In order to get there, however, they need help from an elite group of pilots. In The Bush Pilots: Denali Flyers, see two films that previously aired on public television and meet these pilots whose day-to-day jobs are filled with more adventure than most people experience in a lifetime.

Don Sheldon: Many of today’s glacier pilots were inspired by one man: Don Sheldon. In Glacier Pilot: Don Sheldon, follow Sheldon’s career from his arrival in Alaska to his rise to preeminence among an elite subset of daring Alaskan bush pilots. Hear from the people who knew him and flew with him, and watch footage of Sheldon in action.

Denali Flyers: Every year, hundreds of climbers and adventurers make their way to Talkeetna, Alaska, in order to be flown to the base of Mount McKinley by some of the most skilled pilots in the world: the Denali Flyers. See how these Alaskan bush pilots navigate some of the trickiest conditions on the planet in order to shuttle people safely on and off the mountain.

Product Features:

  • Two films previously enjoyed on public television
  • Fly with Alaskan bush pilots to and from Mount McKinley
  • See historical footage and photos of legendary glacier pilot, Don Sheldon
  • Learn about the planes flown by Alaskan bush pilots
  • Beautiful footage of Mount McKinley and Alaska