America's Fight for the Sky 3D

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  • America's Fight for the Sky 3D

America's Fight for the Sky


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36 Films on American Aircraft from World War II and Today

Disk Count: 16
Video Format: Standard
Run Time: Approx. 18 hours


Historic aviation combines with today’s cutting-edge aircraft in this 16-DVD collection featuring films from the United States National Archives. See actual footage of the spectacular planes of World War II, including the B-24 and the B-47; and watch incredible moments, such as the planning and preparation for the invasion of Normandy. Then hear from heroic World War II pilots today, and see some of the amazing planes being developed for the future. Discover how the past continues to help shape the future of America’s powerful air presence in this exciting and informative 18+-hour collection!


“America’s superior air power was, undeniably, a vital element in the Allied victory in World War II. As our newly minted aircraft travelled farther, faster and with heavier armament than ever dreamed possible, America’s pilots took control of the skies and turned the tide of war. The motion picture experts from the National Archives have selected these priceless images and sounds of the World War II era of aviation to enable viewers to experience firsthand this fight for the sky.”

-Marcia Kolko, Archives Specialist, Motion Picture, Sound & Video Office National Archives and Records Administration


  • Includes newly released WWII aviation films from the National Archives
  • 18+ hours of aviation footage, documentaries, interviews and more
  • Includes narration and acting by Ronald Reagan, Craig Stevens, Van Heflin and more Hollywood stars
  • Film of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, B-24 Liberators, the ME 262, the Junker “Ju88” and lots more
  • Modern aircraft footage included on the F-16, a P-3 Orion, a Boeing 747 and more