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Trainz: A New Era


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Trainz: A New Era is the next best thing to driving a real train! With the all new E2 Graphics Engine, everything becomes incredibly real!

Disk Count: 1
Platform: Windows


Check out these new features:

  • Brand new graphics engine
  • All new sessions and routes
  • Amazingly real lighting with shadows
  • Real-time physics feedback and tools for editing
  • Optimized for incredible panoramic and close-up views
  • Unlimited seamless streaming
  • Super-elevated track
  • Realistic-looking cab sway and external train motion
  • Smoke and weather affected by world objects
  • Track Blocks (Signal Boxes)
  • Procedural animated spline junctions
  • An in-game navigation system
  • Multiplayer option
  • Multi-window support
  • Improved in-game browser
  • Expanded sound library
  • Control schemes that can be configured
  • An in-game downloadable content system
  • Access to 250,000+ free downloadable items
  • Backwards compatible



Plus access to 250,000+ free downloadable items and routes

Hinton Division: U.S., 1950 One of the major coal producing areas for the C&O, starting just west of Thurmond to Hinton, West Virginia, and also includes the Laurel Creek Sub Division, and parts of the Piney Creek Sub, Rend Sub and Loup Creek Sub.

ECML KX Edinburgh: U.K., 1976 This edition delivers the full route from London Kings Cross Station all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland, a 393-mile drive! With significant updates to almost every feature along the track, the route will take you back in time to 1976.

Healesville: Australia, 1910s A faithful recreation of the towns, stations, bridges and rural countryside of 1915 Australia. The line includes the 1.6-mile long timber trestle bridge over the Yarra River and flood plains between Yering and Yarra Glen, and one of the very few tunnels on the Victorian Railways.

Special Kickstarter County Tribute Route: Based on the famous Highland Valley route from the early days of Trainz, but with a huge upgrade, new content, track and industries! A tribute to the Kickstarter backers who helped make Trainz: A New Era possible!


System Requirements


Windows: 7 64bit, 4GB, DDR3 Processor: Intel i5 750 or better, 64bit, 2Ghz, Dual Physical Cores

Graphics Card*: 1GB dedicated VRAM supporting DX11 and Open GL33 (or equivalent)


Windows: 8.1 64bit, 8GB, DDR3 Processor: Intel i5 3330 or better, 64bit, 2.3Ghz, Quad Physical Cores

Graphics Card*: 1GB dedicated VRAM supporting DX11 and Open GL4 (or equivalent)

Other Requirements: Approx. 30GB of free Hard Drive space, DirectX 11, Open GL33, Sound Card, Mouse & Keyboard, Requires an online Internet connection for full experience.


*Laptop models of these graphic cards may work, but are not supported.

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