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Marine Recon


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The guys who fought the War on Terror!

Disk Count: 4
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Run Time: Approx. 3 hours


This is not the war you saw on the 5 o’clock news. This is the real war in Iraq with real soldiers and real terrorists. And real footage so intense at times that you’ll forget you’re not really there. Experience the fears, frustrations and raw emotions of actual Marines, who “just deal” as they hunt for terrorists in a place where suicide bombers and IEDs could be waiting to kill them around every hot, dusty corner. Marine Recon is a four-part documentary created by award-winning filmmaker Gordon Forbes III, who was embedded with Alpha Company, US Marine Corps’ 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, during their 2005 deployment to Iraq. Be there for their final few weeks of training, and then deploy to Iraq’s Sunni Triangle with them to fight the War on Terror. It’s a trip they – and you – will never forget. This program is not rated. May contain scenes and language not suitable for all viewers. Product Features: Four intense documentary films about real U.S. Reconnaissance Marines filmed during training and from inside the Iraq War Created by award-winning filmmaker Gordon Forbes III, who was embedded with Alpha Company, U.S. Marine Corp 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion See how the Marines interact with the local Iraqi population in and around Zaidon, just south of Fallujah, as they gather information on insurgents Get a feel for what it is like to go to war, from the frustrating language barrier to the constant fear of being killed by IEDs and suicide bombers Find out how high-tech Hollywood effects and actors are used to prepare Marines for war Go hunting for a notorious terrorist named “Scarface”