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James Earl Jones Reads The Bible


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Whether you want to study the Bible or if the goal of reading the Bible is on your radar this year, James Earl Jones Reads the Bible is the most enjoyable way to accomplish your goal! Relax to more than 19 soothing hours of inspirational listening with crystal-clear audio of the New Testament read by one of the world’s most gifted voice actors of all time, James Earl Jones.

Disk Count: 14
Format: CD


Product Features:

  • All 27 books of the New Testament (unabridged) of the KJV Bible
  • 14 CDs in special collector's edition packaging made to preserve the quality of the discs
  • 19+ hours of inspirational listening
  • Word-for-word readings by James Earl Jones
  • Listen anywhere, any time!

19 Soothing Hours of Inspirational Listening!


Why Listen to the Bible: Do you want to read the Bible? Better understand it? Or perhaps you wish to study the Word of God? Whatever your reason, James Earl Jones Reads the Bible is an enjoyable way to accomplish your goal.


1. Understand and Remember More


There is some evidence that supported reading—reading along with recorded materials—using audio books can help people learn more quickly. A book written over 400 years ago can sometimes be difficult to understand, but listening to the audio Bible verses may help you comprehend the meaning more easily.


2. Read the Bible Anywhere


We lead busy lives, but with James Earl Jones Reads the Bible, you can listen to the Bible virtually anywhere while doing anything! Listen in the car, as you work, while you wait, in the kitchen, and even during exercise. Because you don’t need lights to hear the audio Bible verses, you can even listen as you relax in bed!


3. "Read" and Relax


Whether you are reading the newspaper, your favorite fiction novel, looking for information online, catching up on e-mail, typing text messages…your eyes are busy all day long. Relax, close those tired eyes and listen to the New Testament word-for-word read by one of the most soothing voices of all time.


James Earl Jones

Academy Award®-, Emmy®- and Tony®-winning actor James Earl Jones has earned a reputation as one of the world’s the best actors of cinema and stage, and he has lent his distinctive bass voice to some of film’s most memorable characters. But none of them can match his delivery of God’s teachings in James Earl Jones Reads the Bible! Hear the power of the most important book ever written through the voice of one of the most talented actors of all time.